The Brand

Our Product

Emerging Heroes was born out of a desire to create something strong, beautiful and truly unique. We blend the line between fashion, art and social impact to create a product that encourages and celebrates your inner hero.  

Dedicated to a vision of greater good, our collections are a walking gallery for positive social change. Let each piece inspire you to mindfully integrate your emerging hero into each activity of your day. Designed to fit your dynamic lifestyle, these garments are fully functional in any chosen environment. From a day of rest to a vigorous workout to another exhilarating night, Emerging Heroes is there to awaken and enlighten your journey.

Our Unique Process:

Emerging Heroes is produced in New York using our boutique factory and an all female production staff.  We create in small batches to ensure that each product meets our stringent guidelines to maintain a tight supply chain and a commitment to limiting waste. Our factory is dedicated to the artistry of the brand and implements the utmost diligence in executing our designs. Careful attention is exercised to ensure every garment is constructed to last.


Emerging Heroes brand delivers exquisite luxury, high style and exceptional quality while bringing awareness through our collections to various pertinent causes for which our customer can make a positive social impact. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of all of our Hero leggings will be donated to the cause by which the collection was inspired.

We celebrate bravery, curiosity and determination. Our driving force is to create a community of people with common values and together become a force for genuine change.

We have thoughtfully conceived a unique brand, offering an original experience to our consumer. We have connected our love of fashion, all things art, and our passion to make a difference by bringing you a new species of lifestyle brand. We will fulfill your desire for enduring edginess, unique limited product runs and authentic messaging behind every garment. 

Emerging Heroes was born out of an ambition to bring more to fashion than simply another clothing brand. The brand was actualized through the same eyes that created PAYNE apparel, a superhero inspired activewear brand founded by Heather Payne in 2011. The DNA is an intricate combination of elements. We are proud to showcase our exceptional silhouettes which are uniquely combined with artwork created through imaginative artist collaborations.

We aspire to encourage women to reveal their inner heroes and realize their utmost potential.  Emerging Heroes aims to provide you a medium through which to message your strengths.


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Sizing Chart





Bust 30-32 33-34 35-36 37-38
Waist 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32
Hips 33-35 36-38 39-41 42-44