The Artists

Donald Payne

Our mission blends the line between fashion, art and social impact. Emerging Heroes uses relevant art to visually represent how we as individuals can work together to create a community of positive social impact. Donald Payne is the artist behind the lens of the lion, leopard and wolf leggings. While best known for his work as an esteemed psychiatrist, Donald Payne is an avid photographer.

His profession has allowed him to travel around the world - always with his camera in hand. What once started as a hobby and means to create a visual journal has led him to become the official photographer for Amnesty. In addition, he has taken eight trips to Africa with the development organization Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief. This has allowed him access to small villages off the tourist path, where he captures the local people in their everyday settings.

Through these constant travels, Donald has become particularly drawn to nature and wildlife. He finds great pleasure in taking pictures of animals in their natural setting while being able to observe them. Let his images on our leggings motivate and inspire you to channel your connection with nature while working to make the world a better place.

Steve Hiett

Since the late 1960s, Steve Hiett has been transforming the world of fashion through photography. His unique use of over-saturation, outdoor flash and off center frames, has led to him to create some of the most iconic images in fashion history.

Drawing from influences of pop art, early modernism, abstractism and surrealism, Hiett studied graphic design at the Royal College of Art. After graduating, Hiett abandoned graphics to play guitar in the psych/pop band Pyramids. When the band collapsed, Hiett searched for a career outside of the standard 9 to 5. Through this search he was drawn to the world of photography.

Hiett found early success as a fashion photographer, working for Nova magazine and English Vogue. In 1972, he moved to France where his work continued to be published in Vogue. During this time, Hiett also formed a friendship with Emelie Laugier, the art director at the time for Marie Claire. This resulted in a 20 year collaboration with the magazine.  Hiett continued to pursue his work doing graphics and producing music. He played music that appeared on French commercials and he produced a hit record with Valli for CBS Records. In 1982, he also recorded an album in Japan, which was recently re-released. In the early 90s, Hiett moved to New York and focused primarily on graphics, designing the model manual for legendary photographer Arthur Elgort.

A few years later Hiett returned to fashion photography, thanks to Franca Sozzani at Italian Vogue. He also began publishing works in Spoon magazine in Paris. Today, Hiett is considered one of the most influential fashion photographers in history. Emerging Heroes is honored to have original works from the renowned photographer featured on products such as the LADIES ONLY CRUISE and the ROCK STAR WOMAN leggings.

Rick Delancy

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Rick transitioned to NYC for his deep passion for all things art. He enjoyed many years on Broadway as a successful singer/dancer.

He currently spends every waking moment inspiring today’s youth through musical theatre and drum and bugle corps. He works with three high schools and 2 independent teams, mentoring and teaching. He is also a very talented production designer, creating and producing magical costumes for the eastern coast marching arts community.

Delancy is an avid animal lover and a gifted graphic designer and has been a large part of the inception of the Emerging Heroes brand. 

We are happy to celebrate his incredible talents with the BUTTERFLY EFFECT and the BLACK CAT leggings.


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